Monday, October 10, 2011


I apologize for ever complaining about being famous and still unable to sustain myself. It is something I mostly brought upon myself. Me and the teargas canister.


  1. Sweetie, you are too hard on yourself (or others have encouraged you to think that way). You went through hell and now you're back to tell the tale. And, if my mother's intuition is correct (I have a daughter your age), you have now survived a love affair. Tough business.

    Don't sweep away too easily that which your soul has learned - many of us may not immediately understand it, but eventually, with enough rumination, what you say will be as clear to us as it is not to you at the moment.

    Now - notfornothingbut, some of us old folks have a penny or two in the cookie jar that we would like to donate but refuse to use 'the system'. Do you have a mailing address?

  2. I hope you are in the nut house where you belong.

    1. lol wow, did you respond to every post? Why dont you take your trolling elsewhere and stop harassing random people?

  3. btw, Emily I love your work... I came back here to check out what you were up to.

    Oh and I just love that "god didnt create me, I create god"